• Rob Arbery


So as many will now know the council have voted to reopen Madeira Drive one way. We are asking for this to happen as quickly as possible and through the advisory group are involved in the design. The really great news is that there will be 28 Blue Badge bays, some located near the Pier and the rest all located by the colonnade and the changing places facility! I think we can chalk this up as a huge victory for BADGE members and as I have work in the area I feel especially pleased. We have a meeting Friday so if you have any specific wants, (kerbs/ tactile paving etc) please leave a comment. I have attached the plan below - hope it makes sense.

Well done to you all, everyone who emailed or spoke to a councilor or who filled in the online survey or lent your support in any small measure YOU have truly made a difference and begun shaping this city so it is accessible for ALL.

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