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This Week 28/09/20

E,T&S Committee & Updates 28/9/20

We held off on the end of week update so we could write about what’s happening this week as well!

*Weekly Advisory Group Another meeting took place last Thursday. We continued to press home outstanding issues and focused on Seafront Bays. There is still no information being shared from the second Road Safety Audit that took place around 14th September. We haven’t seen the brief either so can’t update you as to whether they paid attention to the safety of Blue Badge bays and the vehicle occupants, which is what we specifically requested. The feedback you gave in the survey (at least 26 of us - did you complete Rob’s Poll on Facebook about this - if not please do) won’t be shared until the next ET&S Meeting on 24th November. We are concerned that there could be red flags raised on the bays, but that important safety info isn’t available. We will raise this tomorrow if we can squeeze it in!

*Personal Stories Thank you to all those who shared quotes about the personal impact of the Covid schemes. I will be able to use a few in the Deputation speech and others will be used during meetings to remind Officers or Councillors that there are real people at the centre of all this mess!

*Green Councillors Pre-Committee Meeting This afternoon we met with Cllrs Heley (Chair of E,T&S) Lloyd (Deputy), Davies & Hills, essentially the 4 Green Councillors on the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee. Geraldine from Possability People also attended with us to share a broader view on issues with navigating the changing city layouts, and to discuss the lack of early or current consultation. We took them through the timeline of all the emails, meetings, media pieces etc and stated that despite all of this, we are not seeing changes.

We explained the inappropriateness of the Weekly Advisory Group Forum and we shared all the current BADGE issues across the TROs (schemes) and again shared some good solutions both interim and longer term against every one of them.

We also discussed Process and made requests for some fundamental new structures and some new Posts across the City’s Council to prevent further disability discrimination.

The response was very positive, but we now need to see urgent action and some quick results against the ideas we’ve put forward.

*Deputation Speech Tomorrow I (Pippa) will be making the 5 minute speech live into the Committee Meeting. It will build on the written submission that we put in to get our 5 minute slot. You can watch the ET&S Meeting via the link at the end of this post. Meeting starts at 4pm, ours is the 7th/last Deputation so i doubt we’ll be on before 4.30pm at the very earliest. I’ll see if Rob can ding an alert onto the page and website and share the link just before I’m due on (I’ll be hanging about in the Skype lobby waiting to be let in to speak - wonder if there’s virtual drinks and peanuts?! We would really appreciate if some members can tune in, we hope we give an accurate and emotive account of the last 6 months and highlight that undoubtedly Public Sector Duties with regard to Disability Equality have fallen short.

I’ll add the speech as a file after it’s been made as there may be some last minute changes. Despite a positive sounding meeting, our speech needs to address the whole Committee, the majority of whom have not engaged to date.

*Following On from Meetings We will then wait for the Green Councillors and Officers to come back to us with actions that address our immediate and longer term needs.

This is not about getting back what was taken, it’s about genuinely keeping our specific needs central to design and ensuring that Govt funding enhances our Active Travel lives as well as not making our daily lives worse!

We are going to make full use of this opportunity and hopefully we will end up with much better Badge parking and access across the city and new processes will mean we won’t have to keep asking and campaigning for our everyday essentials.

Pippa & Rob

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