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A Little Admin Update..... and a Poll for Brighton & Hove BADGERS (see FACEBOOK page)

Whilst things have settled down over the past month, Rob and I are still working on progressing our BADGE objectives, albeit it in a less dramatic fashion now that we are firmly on the radar! We now have 3 official 'work streams' that we are working on.

1. We remain in touch with the Council's Transport Team and the Project Managers working on the Covid Active Travel schemes via the Informal Active Travel Working Group (Tranche 2) which has quite a focus on cycle lanes.

2. We also continue to input to the Local Cycling, Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) which underpins the Tranche 2 Plans in many ways, as the Greens have been working on walking and cycling routes and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods etc. for a couple of years now. So the LCWIP is almost like the bookends of the changes that have been implemented with the Government's Covid funding (which was to enable people to make their essential journeys safely, and reducing the need for public transport).

3. We are working with PossAbility People on a Disabled Car Users Advisory Group. The aim is to create a meeting where matters relating to the Blue Badge Parking scheme that is running in Brighton & Hove (only) can be discussed, giving us the opportunity to flag up any areas of concern and also to suggest improvements. The next meeting will be in February (date to be confirmed) and will focus on possible impacts of the Tranche 2 schemes, giving us the opportunity to highlight any areas of concern for example ensuring that there will be adequate parking along the western end of the A259, when the cycle lane is extended. We will also continue our current focus on improving the Blue Badge parking along the Brighton & Hove seafront stretch (we've got some ideas to put the parking on the north side where there's no cycle lane, and there are a few areas that look promising for bays.... ideally more than a measly 7!) This meeting will be open to BADGERS to attend, so we'll let you know as soon as we know the date. It's really important that BADGERS have the opportunity to actively take part in meetings, (they'll get sick of the sight of just Rob and Me otherwise!) and we are grateful to Julie, Chloe & Suse who attended today's meeting. As preparation for the February meeting, we've created a Poll to ask Brighton & Hove Residents only, about the current (office closed due to Covid) Blue Badge service in Brighton & Hove. Please see the separate post.

If it feels a bit messy with these 3 workstreams, and you're wondering if there is a lot of overlap...... it is and there is! But this is how it's been set up by the Council, so we are having to work within this framework and take every opportunity to highlight our group needs and expectations (and basic Public Sector Equalities Duties!)

One other aspect to tell you about: at the full Council meeting tomorrow (28th Jan, 4pm) there is an Item that's been put forward by Labour, which will be introduced by Cllr Gill Williams. Some of you may also have seen Cllr Nancy Platts posting about it on local social media. The Item is a request to revert some or all of Madeira Drive back to a car-free zone for the duration of Covid, and they are saying that the vehicles are a risk to pedestrians who spill into the road in order to socially distance on the busy pavements. Rob and I wrote to the Councillors involved and also to Chair of ET&S Amy Heley and asked for formal reassurance that the Blue Badge Access and Parking which took so long to reinstate will NOT be removed again. Cllr Heley responded immediately with reassurance that this will NOT happen, and that they aim to crack on with the next stage of the Madeira Drive development which will add further Blue Badge parking along that stretch (around 26 spaces in total!) We'll be watching the Council Meeting tomorrow evening (you can watch online by going to the Council's Committee Meetings page and you'll see a link to the webcast page) to ensure that Blue Badge Equalities are upheld.

So that's our round up! We hope everyone is managing during this ongoing difficult time, Pip & Rob x

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